Please note with this option you have to deposit the money first
and fax us the deposit slip and order details before we will process
your order.


Product Name Price
Be-Trim Budget System - 60 Tablets  R151.99
Be-Trim Elite system R391.98
Be-Trim Elite - Citri Full - 60 Tablets  R189.99
Be-Trim Elite - Citi Magic - 30 Tablets  R201.99
Fat & Carbo stop  R443.98
Carbo Stop - 48 Capsules  R221.99
Fat Stop - 48 Capsules  R221.99
Hunger Stop - 30 Tablets R214.99
Metabo Boost - 37 Tablets R201.99
Anti-Stress - 30 Tablets  R50.99
Calcium & Magnesium - 60 Tablets R44.99
Hair, Nail & Skin - 60 Tablets  R100.99
Multi Vitamin Syrup - 150ml  R44.99
Multi Vitamin - 90 Tablets  R44.99
Ladies PMS - 60 Tablets  R82.99
Stimulon - 30 Tablets  R32.99
Spark Up! - 30 Capsules  R82.99
Vitamin B Complex - 60 Tablets  R44.99
Vitamin C - 60 Tablets  R44.99
Vitamin E Oil - 75ml  R62.99
Cellu-Magic - 60 Tablets (a) R227.99
Shrink Cream - 250ml (b) R121.99
Shrink Wrap - 50 Meters (c) R44.99
Shrink Wrap Cream - 250ml (d) R134.99
Shrink Kit K1: (b & c & d) - Save R19.98!! R274.99
Shrink Kit K2: (a & b & c & d) - Save R29-97!!  R489.99

Special (Fat Buster Weight Loss System + Metaboboost + Fat Stop + Carbo Stop + Cellu-Magic )

Fat Buster System (Hunger Stop + Citri-Magic) -Normal Selling Price: R417.00

Cellu-Magic -Normal Selling Price: R227.99

Metaboboost -Normal Selling Price: R202.00

Fat-Stop -Normal Selling Price: R222.00

Carbo-Stop -Normal Selling Price: R222.00


Normal Price for ALL: R1291.00
Special Price for ALL:
R1266.00 SAVE R25,


But WAIT!!!  Buy in bulk and SAVE

2 months supply for ALL, normal selling price: R2582.00

This months Special:  R2522.00  SAVE R60.00


3 months supply for ALL, normal selling price: R3873.00

This months Special:  R3768.00 SAVE R105.00

Next Working Day Courier delivery to your Door

Cape Town and suburbs Only
Order placed before 10am - Delivery the next day to your Door! Value of Products +- R95 Courier Cost, depending on suburb.
Place order at (021) 790-3763 / 1405 / 4548 / 9897


Rest of the South Africa: Door delivery Value of Products + R150 Courier Cost
Place order at (011) 485-5632 / 3; 640-6950

Overnight to your nearest Post Office

(South Africa Only)

Delivery is overnight via Speed Services to your nearest Post Office.

Value of Products + R85 Postage

If you live in Gauteng, Natal or Northern Free State

Place order at (011) 485-5632/3 640-6950


Cape Province or Southern Free State

Place order at (021) 790-3763 /1405 /4548 /9897

If you live Outside the borders of South Africa

(Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana etc.) 

Please contact us for a delivery quotation.

To give you an idea: Postage for an Elite to a neighbouring country will be R85.

Delivery will be by normal post and could be 3 to 4 weeks.

Exception: If you order more than 4 products or the Shrink kit, which weighs quite a bit or if you are further away than southern Africa - please contact us for a delivery quotation.

Note: Parcels to the following countries can expect long customs and or postal delays: United Kingdom; United Emirates; Kenya.

Please deposit Value of Products + Postage
(Electronic or Internet transfers or Cash only!! Unfortunately we don't accept cheques)


Account No.: 7407 0647 407
Branch Code:
204 009

Account Holder: Be Trim  Be Healthy

Acc Type: Bus 32 Day Interest Plus


For ex-SA customers - also give the Swift Transfer Code: FIRNZAJJ

NOTE:  For Namibian and Botswana clients, please use the following banking details in stead of the ABSA banking details:

Please fax your deposit slip to (021)790-8301
Please write on the Fax:

1) Attention: Emay

2) Which products

3) Your Name & Surname

4) Postal Address

5) Phone numbers at Home and Work

6) And where you saw our advert (e.g..: Huisgenoot; Flier; Referred by friend, etc.)

Note: If you transfer money from another bank or do an internet payment there could be delays of 3 or more working days before it shows on our statement.



e-mail us for more information at

Please include you Phone Numbers at Work and Home (Dialing code and Country code where necessary)

Call us for more information

Cape Town +27 (021)790-3763 /1405 /4548 /9897
                                        fax    (021)790-8301
                                        and ask for Customer Support