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Will you gain even more weight afterwards like with most products?

Do the products contain only natural Ingredients?.

Are we going to lose weight?

Do we have to follow a special diet?

How much weight are we going to lose?

What is the difference between the Elite System
and Budget System.?

How do I order products.?

What is the difference between fat and carbo stop?

Are there a money back guarantee?
How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

How do I Unsubscribe from your newsletter?
When will I recieve my newsletter?

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Will you gain even more weight afterwards like with most products?  To The Top

It take lots of energy for your body to maintain muscle fibers, whereas it takes no energy to maintain fat cells. Instead of your metabolism slowing down as a result of most diets, with BE- TRIM Citri-Magic your metabolism speeds up. As far as we know this is the only system in the world where you dont pick up the fat again after you've lost it and reached your goal weight.

Do the products contain only Natural Ingredients?  To The Top

All our products contain only natural ingredients (no "drugs"!) and as such are totally safe to use with any medication; contraceptive or medical problem..
As such they should be totally safe to use during pregnancy but we do suggest that
you take the bottles and show the ingredients to your gynaecologist to be absolutely sure.

Are we going to lose weight?  To The Top

You will lose weight, it just depends how fast or slow your metabolism is.
If your metabolism is fast you will lose faster, if it is slower you will lose slower.

Do we have to follow a special diet?To The Top

No, we don't put you on a crash diet, just a healthy eating program
with normal foods, you can still eat bacon and eggs and pasta.

How much weight are we going to lose?  To The Top

It is difficult to say , how much you are going to lose it changes
from person to person, but it depends on your metabolism.

What is the difference between the Elite System and Budget System?  To The Top

The Budget System consist of one product only, which is a natural appetite suppressant, whereas the Elite System consist
of two products: the Citri-Full which is a strong natural appetite suppressant and
the Citri-Magic Metaboliser which speeds up the metabolism.
The Citri-Full is the Budget System with Hydroxy-Citric-Acid added to it, which normalizes the blood sugar.
So you will have less appetite; less cravings and more energy. The second product in the Elite System are tablets called the
Citri-Magic Metaboliser which speed up the metabolism and stops you picking up the weight again afterwards.
This product is not included in the Budget System.

What is the difference between Fat and Carbo stop?   To The Top

Carbo Stop consists of natural ingredients and absorbs the Alpha Amylase in your
stomach, so the starch and sugar will not be converted into fat. It also goes through
the system very fast.
Fat Stop stops the fat. It contains chitosan, a fibre which combines with the fats in
the food and helps to remove them from the body. The fibre also makes you feel
full and speeds the food through the digestive system. It also helps to lower cholesterol
reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, improve healthy blood sugar levels.

How do I order products?  To The Top

You can order online via our website or:

if you want to pay by credit card you will have to fax us all the necessary details
(Name; address; Phone No's etc - as well as:
1) Your Credit Card No
2) The expiry date (mmyy)
3) The last 3 digits in the series on the back of your card.
4) The Amount that we must take off
5) Your Signature (this is why we need a fax)
Please fax these details to (021) 790-8301

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit or Internet Transfer into Bank Account
Please Deposit Value of Products + Postage
(Cash only - unfortunately we do not accept cheques)
Account No.: 7407 0647 407
Branch Code: 204 009
Account Holder: Be Trim Be Healthy
Acc Type: Bus 32 Day Interest Plus

For ex-SA customers - also give the Swift Transfer Code: FIRNZAJJ

Please fax your deposit slip to (021) 790-8301 or e-mail a scanned copy
To speed up your delivery write on the fax / e-mail: 
1) Attention: Emay
2) Which products 
3) Your Name & Surname
4) Postal Address
5) Phone numbers at Home and Work
6) And where you saw our advert (e.g..: Huisgenoot; Flier; Referred by friend, etc.)

Note: If you transfer money from another bank or do an Internet payment there could be delays of 3 or more working days before it shows on our statement. 


e-mail us for more information at
Please include you Phone Numbers at Work and Home (Dialing code and Country code where necessary)
We might have a Regional Manager/Support Person in your area.


Call us for more information

Cape Town +27 (021)790-7059 /1405
and ask for Customer Support

Are there a money back guarentee?  To The Top

In the US and European countries it is standard practice to provide a guarantee and we discussed this a number of times, but unfortunately we decided that it is far too risky to do so in South Africa. The reason - to put it bluntly - is that the morality (or lack thereof) in our dear country, does not allow us to do so.
We have no guarantee that our customers (most of whom we never see) use the the products correctly, i.e. remember to take the tablets/don't cheat on the Healthy Eating Program etc. There is also the problem that someone might use some of it - reach her goal weight - and then claim it does not work.
There are a couple of companies in SA that offer a guarantee, but in each case it's just plain BS: the customer has to return the products within 2 weeks (or in one case: within 7 days!) of purchase, which is absolute nonsense, since she has to use them for a month before she can decide whether they work or not.
All I can say is that we don't spend a fortune on TV advertising etc. Most of our sales come via word of mouth advertising. Our products have to work or Be-Trim will die (or would've died long ago!) through lack of sales.
The way we ensure this is by not skimping on our ingredients and service. We started out 8 years ago as a small home based company servicing only the East Rand and now we cover all of Southern Africa with a large number of Regional Managers and Group Leaders throughout the Southern Africa region. Somewhere we are doing something right :-) If you take the tablets as directed and stick to the Healthy Eating Program you will definitely loose weight.*
Our average weight loss is about 2 kilos a week depending on metabolism.
That, I'm afraid, is all I can offer you.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?  To The Top

You can e-mail us and subscribe to the newsletter at ,
or visit our website and subscribe on our website.

How do I unsubscribe to your newsletter?  To The Top

If you want to unsubscribe to  our newsletter send a blank e-mail with the subject heading "unsubscribe" to

When will I recieve my newsletter?  To The Top

You will recieve the newsletter at the end of the month.

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