No - not at all!!

Use our products; send us photographs to show the results; write a nice letter about your experience and if we can use it in our adverts and/or web site, we’ll Refund you the Full Value of your Products* straight into Your Bank Account!

* Up to a maximum of R500


What we’ll need is Before and After photographs.

If you are about to start on one of our products - take some Before pictures. You’ll need them anyway to remind you how horrible you looked :-) Look at them every day - excellent motivation not to forget to take the tablets :-)

If you have already started, look for some old pictures of yourself. These might not be of the greatest quality, but send them anyway!

Try to send 2 or more of both the Before and After photographs showing you from the front and the side. Preferably full length pictures (head and feet in the picture). The backgrounds doesn't matter - we are going to cut you out of the background. Even if there’s someone in the photographs with you - it won’t matter - they’ll be cut out automatically. They must just not be in front of you.

Once you have lost a lot of Weight or Cellulite - take some After pictures. Try and avoid having anything in front of you and don’t hold anything in your hands or arms - like a kid or bag. If possible in a costume or at least something tight fitting. For the cellulite it would help if you can take a close-up shot of the cleared area.

If you are not sure - send as many photographs as you can.

You can post the photographs to us or you can scan them into your PC yourself at 300 dpi (dots per inch) and e-mail them to us - (address below).

Please write on the back of each photograph or include in your e-mail your Name & Surname, the Date when it was taken (if it’s an old Before picture an approximate date will do) and how much you Weighed then. In the case of cellulite you only have to say what percentage you estimate you have lost on your after picture. E.g.: "80% Reduction".

We realise that some of your Before picture will have sentimental value, so we will be extremely careful with them and All Photographs Will be posted or courier back to you within 5 working days after we received them.


Ahh - Some people love writing letters and some hate it! Just do your best.

Here’s some ideas:

Tell us what it was like before you used our products - how, for instance, your weight or cellulite affected your social and family life. What did you do about clothes and going to the beach?

Then tell us how you started and what happened... Was it easy? How did you feel while using them? For the weight loss products - did you go hungry and was the eating program difficult to follow? How fast did you lose your problem? What happened about your clothes? Your social & family life? What did people say? What did the products achieve for you personally - for your confidence and self esteem? How do you feel now? What do you think about the products and would you recommend them to other people? Above all - don’t forget to mention how many kilos or % cellulite you lost and in what period.

You don’t have to answer all these questions - they are just there to give you some ideas. It would be far better and more natural if you just sit down and write your own thoughts :-)

If - you’re e-mailing your photographs, then you can e-mail your letter as well. Or you can even scan it in and e-mail it to us.

Time Period

What we’re looking for is around 8 or more kilos (18 or more pounds) per month or 60% cellulite loss etc.. If you’re not sure send anyway - you never know. A small boned person with little to lose and an excellent letter might still make a good story.


As soon as we receive the photographs and letter, we’ll make a decision as to whether we can use them and let you know. In all cases we’ll send the photographs back within 5 working days of receiving them.

Along with your photographs and letter, please include a note with the following:

Name & Surname

Postal Address where we must return the photographs.

Phone Numbers at Work and Home (also the dialling codes).

The Invoice Number of the parcel we sent you.

If you no longer have that - try and give us the Detail of what products you ordered; when you ordered it and how did you pay (credit card; bank deposit; COD delivery to your door). Did you order in your name or was it sent to someone else? We’ll need this to determine your refund.

Lastly we’ll need your Bank Account details:

In whose name is the Account? What Bank; Branch and the Account Number.

If you don’t have a bank account we’ll send you a Postal Order.

All Refunds will be done within 5 working days after receipt and acceptance of the material.

Please note: We only refund the cost of the products - not the original delivery cost and Refunds are limited to R500 maximum.


In our adverts we’ll mention your name and town or city that you reside in: e.g. "Sandi from Cape Town". If for some reason you would prefer not to be named - tell us. What we’ll do then is to say: "C from Bloemfontein" etc. It is better if we could use your name - it makes the advert more credible. The photographs are normally only used for a short period.


Don’t throw it away! - You will be losing those kilo’s and/or cellulite in any case. Why throw away the Rands!!? Come-on! Just go and look for those old pictures and take a couple of new snaps to capture the New You and get it all for Free!!!!

Our Contact Details

Postal Address: Be-Trim, 37 Sunset Av., Llandudno, 7800

Phones: (021) 790-7059 / 1405

Fax:  (021) 790-8301

E-mail: slim@betrim.co.za