Regional Managers


We are a health care company called BE-TRIM and we are looking to fill different positions.

We have a whole range of Vitamins (Be-Healthy) and Baby Products (Babaloo) that are very reasonably priced.  The quality of these products are excellent and as you can see, the prices are very reasonable, so it is very easy to market.

However, your best sales will come from a range of Weight Loss products called Be-Trim.
They are totally natural, they have no side effects and they are safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding.
One of the ladies on our staff was breast-feeding when she used Be-Trim and lost 22kg in two and a half months, so it works very well. The whole program, depending on what a person takes, sells for under R100 or just over R200 for a months supply, so it is very reasonably priced.  What makes this system so unique and so effective is that the customer goes to a FREE support group session every week.

Support Group Leader

The position that we need to fill is for people to run the BE-TRIM Support Groups.

You would run the groups from home in your own time.
You will teach the customers to change the way they look at food, instead of seeing food the way a fat person sees it,
they start seeing it the way a thin person sees it. So they learn to lose weight permanently.

Your customers will come twofold:
People that you tell about the product and sell the product to via posters, flyers, boards,
badges and especially word of mouth from happy customers, and
Secondly - Via adverts that we place in national magazines such as the
You/Huisgenoot etc. - when the customers phone in, we refer them to you.

For each person that you have on the program you will earn about R58.75 per month.
If you have one group per week, which is only one hour per week, and you have 15 people in a group,
you will earn R881 per month
- 2 Groups will earn you: R1762 per month
- 4 Groups will earn you: R3,525 per month
R3,525 per month for only 4 hours work per week from home

Regional Manager

This is more of a full time position. It involves recruiting the Be-Trim Support Group Leaders
(We help you with the recruitment through our National Advertising Campaign)
You will hold regular meetings where you would train, motivate and supply them with their stock.
There is a Basic Salary attached to this position as well as Bonuses on turnover and a Commission
structure that goes up according to your turnover.
You are looking at earning between R5000,00 to R10 000,00 per month.
It is the type of thing that you have to be prepared to run as your own business -
there's no boss sitting over your head.
You need to have a lot of initiative, a lot of ideas and a lot of enthusiasm -
the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

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