Hunger Stop

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Hunger-Stop is Be-Trim's latest addition to their arsenal against obesity. After years of research Hunger-Stop has finally been released. It contains 8 ingredients of which Fructose is the main active ingredient. Fructose is the primary form of sugar found in fruit. Hunger-Stop contains a unique formulation that enables fructose to be released slowly into the bloodstream retaining a steady blood sugar level thereby preventing the craving for a sugar "Rush". No craving – no untimely "Hunger"!! You eat less and you lose weight fast and totally naturally. No drugs – no side effects. Hunger-Stop is completely natural and completely safe!!

Through the years we at Be-Trim have build up a reputation for top-quality ingredients in all our products. We have been going for over 11 years – mostly through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Hunger-Stop carries on the proud tradition. Besides the main ingredient: Slow-release Fructose., Hunger-Stop also contains 7 other ingredients:

Chromium Picolinate - an essential trace element to kick-start your metabolism
L-Glutamine - the best stimulating neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.
DL-Methlonine - an essential amino acid for your immune system
Fructose - Primary form of sugar found in fruit. Released slowly into the bloodstream retaining a steady blood sugar level thereby preventing the craving for a sugar "rush". 
L-Alinine - an amino-acid which is a great source of energy.
Capsicum Powder - ideal armor against toxins
Green Tea - powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and speeds up your metabolism. 
Soya Protein - a rich source of amino acids.

Results: you eat Less & Lose weight Fast 
It is Healthy & totally Natural 

No drugs - no Side Effects - no Wrinkled Skin.

Metabo Boost

Metabo Boost contains L-Tyrosine which is an amino-acid which is needed to manufacture thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is necessary to regulate your metabolism. If you lack L-Tyrosine your body will not be able to manufacture thyroid hormone effectively and you will suffer with a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism makes it very difficult to lose weight and keep it off. L-Tyrosine will boost up your slow metabolism and you lose weight at a much faster rate!!

Metabo Boost also helps to treat stress, depression and improves mental alertness.

Boost Your Weight Loss!!!


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