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WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS   (One Bottle = One Months Supply)
 Be-Trim Elite Weight loss System - (Citri-Full + Citri-Magic)
   Citri-Full - 60 Tablets 
 Citri-Magic - 30 Tablets 
 Fat and Carbo Stop - (1 Bottle Fat Stop and 1 Bottle Carbo Stop)
   Fat Stop - 48 Capsules 
 Carbo Stop - 48 Capsules 
 Metabo Boost - 37 Capsules 
 Hunger Stop - 30 Capsules 
 Be-Trim Budget System - 60 Tablets 
 ANTI-CELLULITE PRODUCTS   (One Bottle = One Months Supply)
 Cellu Magic - 60 Tablets 
 Anti-Cellulite Shrink Kit 1
 (Shrink Cream + Shrink Wrap + Shrink Wrap Cream)
 Anti-Cellulite Shrink Kit 2 
 (Shrink Cream + Shrink Wrap + Shrink Wrap Cream + Cellu Magic)
   Shrink Wrap Cream - 250 ml 
 Shrink Wrap - 50 meters (1 Roll)
 Shrink Cream - 250 ml 
 HEALTH PRODUCTS   (One Bottle = One Months Supply)
 General Health Products
   Anti-Stress - 30 Tablets 
 Stimulon - 30 Tablets 
 Spark-Up - 30 Capsules 
 Women's Health Products
   Ladies PMS - 60 Tablets 
 Hair, Nail and Skin - 60 Tablets 
 Calcium and Magnesium - 60 Tablets 
   Multivitamins - 90 Tablets 
 Vitamin B Complex - 60 Tablets 
 Vitamin C - 60 Tablets 
 Vitamin E Tissue Oil - 75ml (1 Bottle)

SPECIAL (Fat Buster Weight Loss System + Metaboboost + Fat Stop + Carbo Stop + Cellu-Magic )



If you live Outside the borders of South Africa (Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana etc.)
Value of products + R75 postage Delivery will be by normal post and could be 3 to 4 weeks.

Exception: If you order more than 4 products or the Shrink kit which weighs quite a bit or if you are further away than southern Africa- and the postage is more than R75. We will confirm all costs with you before processing your order.

Note: Parcels to the following countries can expect long customs and or postal delays: United Kingdom; United Emirates; Kenya.


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