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Shireen After_jpg.jpg (1622 bytes)

Shireen from Southfield
Lost 10kg in one month 

Phumza from Cape Town
"I lost 10kgs in one month"

Lost 38 kilo’s from a size 43 after birth to a 35 in just 4 months!

Jo Anne After_jpg.jpg (1667 bytes)

Jo-Anne from Belhar
Lost 12kg in one month

Sandi After_jpg.jpg (1534 bytes)

Sandy from Llandudno
Lost 22 kg in 10 weeks

Estelle with BMW_jpg.jpg (2890 bytes)

Estelle reached her goal weight and received a BMW!!!

Riana After_jpg.jpg (1508 bytes)

Riana from Klerksdorp
Lost 12kg  in four weeks

Dorothy Adonis After_jpg.jpg (1401 bytes)

Lost 10kg in first month and 11kg  in the second
Zubeida Latoe
Lost 8 kilo's in one month

Andre After_jpg.jpg (1581 bytes)

In the first week Andre lost 10kg and 29kgs in 3 months

Vicky After_jpg.jpg (2982 bytes)

Lost 13 kg in one month 

Congratulations to the following people who lost weight this month!!!

N. van der Westhuizen  6 kg & 51cm   
A. Louke  7 kg & 72cm
M Beukes  6 kg & 62,5cm
M. Esterhuizen  7 kg & 66cm   
S van Rooi  7 kg & 77cm 
T Loffie  6.5 kg & 76cm   
G. Gilbert  6 kg & 69cm 
R. Koen  8.5 kg & 60cm
V. Isaacs  7 kg & 78cm
A.S Loubser  7 kg & 72cm  
I. Rittmann  10 kg & 70cm  
A.Z Ishitile  6.5 kg & 75cm

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