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Before After My Message of Hope!!!
I am a Beauty Spa owner who had a baby and gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I really had a big tummy and a big baby. After having the baby I had to lose weight and very quickly too!! My tummy was still huge and flabby after the birth. I just could not get rid of my weight and the caesarean made it worse. It really gave me a fright. I was very depressed. I couldn’t use just anything because of the breastfeeding or do any exercises because of this terribly painful cut.

I saw the Be-Trim advert for slimming and the cellulite program and decided to order it immediately. I was so desperate!! So, I started the program with the tablets and cream wraps and really saw a difference every week. I lost 33cm all over my body the
1st week!!!! And felt good!!!

All in all I lost 38 kilo’s from a size 43 after birth to a 35 in just 4 months and I’m still maintaining my weight!!!!!

The results were so amazing and everybody that knew me was amazed at my firm and thinner body in such a short time. My skin texture was smooth and my cellulite condition improved immediately.

All my products and machines are imported from Germany, but I have to say, this Be-Trim (South Africa) slimming and cellulite products are really amazing. And the products work!!! It’s really worth buying it.

I also want to thank Judy, my Be-trim consultant, for encouraging me through this program. Thanks for praising me for every centimetre lost. It was a huge

Tessa Buys